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Dead By Daylight reveals Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania crossovers

Dead By Daylight reveals Dungeons & Dragons and Castlevania crossovers
Vecna brings magic to Dead By Daylight (Behaviour Interactive)

An eighth anniversary stream showcased the future of Dead By Daylight, with a Castlevania chapter and the introduction of a 2v8 mode.

Dead By Daylight has staged crossovers with almost every major horror franchise since it launched in 2016, so it’s perhaps unsurprising its next DLC chapter is a slightly more unusual left turn.

In a livestream for the multiplayer survival horror title’s eighth anniversary , developer Behaviour Interactive revealed what’s included in the Dungeons & Dragons DLC chapter, which is available on the public test server now.

The chapter’s main star is the classic D&D villain Vecna (voiced by Critical Role’s Matt Mercer), who has various magicial abilities inspired by the franchise.

These four powers include flying over obstacles for a short period of time, the ability to summon spectral entities which can pass through objects and damage survivors, creating a Mage Hand which can hold or block the use of pallets, and a dispelling sphere which reveals the locations of survivors.

The latter move also disables new magical items available for the survivors, which can be found within chests scattered across the new Forgotten Ruins map – an area which combines an outer exterior with an underground dungeon.

In a nice nod to D&D, what item you receive from these chests is determined by an automatic dice roll. If you roll between 4-19, you’ll be given either magical gauntlets or boots which give survivors protection from one of Vecna’s spells.

Roll a one and you’ll be treated to an unspecified ‘nasty surprise’, while a two or three will give you a regular Dead By Daylight item.

The new survivors from D&D (Behaviour Interactive)

If you roll a 20 you’ll receive a magical item with even greater powers: either the Eye of Vecna, which grants the ability to vanish for a short period after exiting a locker, or the Hand of Vecna which allows survivors to teleport between lockers.

Every time you use this perk however, the user loses a chunk of health – so it won’t be something you can wildly spam.

On the survivors side, the Dungeons & Dragons chapter stars two variations on the Bard character class. You can choose between a female elf named Aestri Yazar or a male human named Baermar Uraz, who each come with the same three perks.

So comes the very night incarnate, accursed and ravenous. Learn more on August 6. — Dead by Daylight (@DeadbyDaylight) May 14, 2024

Dead By Daylight is also leaning into gothic horror for its next chapter, with the end of the broadcast showing a teaser for a Castlevania crossover. While there’s no details on which characters will appear (Dracula seems like a safe bet), more information is set to be announced on August 6.

However, for many longtime fans, the most welcome announcement is likely to be the much requested 2v8 mode, where two killers face off against eight survivors on larger recreations of classic maps.

The mode is pitched as a chaotic party alternative to the traditional 1v4 mode, where the usual survivor perks have been replaced with a new class system to make it more accessible.

There are no hooks on the map either, to speed up the momentum, with every downed survivor now being teleported and locked in cages instantly – in the same vein as Pyramid Head’s ability.

Interestingly, the developers also stated killers will be able to combine abilities for an extra layer of strategy – with the Wraith’s cloak, for example, now able to shield their co-op partner within a certain radius.

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Behaviour Interactive has confirmed this 2v8 mode will be a temporary for now – but there’s plans for future iterations with more characters beyond the initial five killers at launch (Trapper, Wraith, Hillbilly, Nurse, and Huntress). So it sounds like they’re testing its popularity.

The mode is expected to be released sometime in the summer, with more details set to be announced during a livestream in July.

Dead By Daylight’s Dungeons & Dragons chapter is available to play for a limited time on the public test build on Steam, but it will be released widely on June 3.

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