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Fallout 4 mods bring the TV show to the game – and they look great

Fallout 4 mods bring the TV show to the game – and they look great
Can you tell which is the real ghoul? (Picture: NexusMods)

Mods of Lucy, The Ghoul, gun sounds, and billboards from the Fallout TV show are making their way into Fallout 4, thanks to industrious fans.

Amazon ’s Fallout TV series, inspired by the post-apocalyptic world from the video games franchise, came out last week and season one has already been branded a huge success by critics and fans.

Its success has seen Fallout 4 soar to the top of the European sales charts this week, while Fallout 76 reached an all-time player number peak on Steam .

And, as might be predicted, fans have been creating lots of mods to make Fallout 4 look more like the TV series, including characters Lucy and The Ghoul, and some pretty funny billboards.

Among the mods are two that let you add the characters of Ella Purnell’s Lucy MacLean and Walter Goggins as Cooper Howard/The Ghoul (both human and ghoul form) to Fallout 4.

Lucy’s backpack from the series can also be added to the game, thanks to a mod that retextures the number on the back from 111 to Lucy’s 33.

Ella Purnell’s Lucy can be added to Fallout 4 (Picture: NexusMods)

There’s also a mod that replaces the intro in Fallout 4 with the teaser trailer of the TV series, and another mod that changes the firing sound of the 10mm semi-auto gun to the one that’s in the show.

One mod even changes billboards in the game to ones that are inspired by the series, including one with Howard giving the thumbs up and the caption: ‘Plan for the future.’

Billboards inspired by the Fallout TV series added to the game (Picture: NexusMods)

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Bethesda games like Fallout and Skyrim have huge modding communities, so it’s not surprising that they’re hard at work, now that the Fallout TV series has taken off.

Their commitment and talent is impressive though, and more mods will no doubt surface on NexusMods (where all of these mods were uploaded) as the franchise continues its resurgence.

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