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Lewis Hamilton tries and fails to beat the Driver tutorial mission on PS1

Lewis Hamilton tries and fails to beat the Driver tutorial mission on PS1
Old games were hard (Picture: YouTube)

F1 driver Lewis Hamilton may have won the world championship seven times but he’s surprisingly rubbish at retro driving games.

Any would-be motorsport champion today has a huge array of highly realistic racing simulations with which to practice their skills, but Lewis Hamilton is 39 and according to him the first console he owned was the ‘original Nintendo’, presumably the NES .

There weren’t any realistic driving games on that, but the original PlayStation brought in a new era of more serious racing titles and Hamilton’s Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One team recently sat him down with a host of PS1 racing games, to see how he gets on with them.

Not very is the surprising answer, as he came second in Gran Turismo, went off track in F1 2000, and completely failed to beat the tutorial level on the notoriously difficult Driver.

Hamilton is seen looking through a collection of other old PS1 driving games, including Ridge Racer Type 4 and Ayrton Senna Kart Duel, while also mentioning that he used to enjoy Colin McRae Rally.

He clearly knows his stuff but despite claiming to play the likes of Call Of Duty and Fortnite today, his skills with older games seem surprisingly lacking.

However, he does have a legitimate excuse in that the organisers gave him an original PlayStation controller to use, which doesn’t have any analogue sticks.

The first DualShock was released in late 1997, which is earlier than any of the games he plays (but not Ayrton Senna Kart Duel). At the time, many people would’ve still been using the older controller, but it still seems a bit unfair given racing games benefit more than most from analogue controls.

Perhaps Hamilton insisted on the older style of controller, because that’s all he had as a kid, but either way you won’t be looking to him for any driving tips based on the video above.

Hamilton doesn’t mention anything about playing newer racing games but does reel off a list of titles he beat back in the day, including unspecified entries in the Mario, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Crash Bandicoot, and Grand Theft Auto series.

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Driver was released in the summer of 1999 and while popular was notorious for being extremely difficult, with very exacting requirements to complete each of its missions and infuriatingly long load times to endure before you could try again.

British developer Reflections is now owned by Ubisoft and its most recent driving game was 2014’s The Crew, which has recently been delisted – causing considerable controversy.

The last mainline Driver game, also developed by Reflections, was Driver: San Francisco in 2011. Elements of a subsequent game, which was cancelled during development, were also incorporated into the first Watch Dogs title.

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