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GTA 6 devs accuse Rockstar of ‘reckless’ end to work from home policy

GTA 6 devs accuse Rockstar of ‘reckless’ end to work from home policy
GTA 6 devs aren’t happy (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Developers at Rockstar Games have spoken out against the company after they were ordered to return to the office full-time ahead of GTA 6 .

While it’s not expected to come out until after March next year , GTA 6 is now said to be in the ‘final stages’ of development.

As a result of this, Rockstar Games emailed staff this week telling them they had to work from the office for a full five days a week, starting from April, citing ‘productivity and security reasons’.

The decision has since been criticised by a number of Rockstar employees who are members of the Independent Workers’ union of Great Britain (IWGB), who have raised concerns that it could lead to a ‘return to toxic ‘crunch’ practises’.

According to the anonymous employees, Rockstar management are also refusing to engage with workers on the issue, and will pull the plug on the remote access technology from April 15 to shut down any chances of them working from home.

‘Working from home has been a lifeline for many of us at Rockstar, allowing us to balance care responsibilities, manage disabilities, and relocate as we need,’ one Rockstar employee said . ‘Now, Rockstar is snatching away that lifeline without a second thought for the workers who’ll be impacted most.

‘After so many broken promises we now fear management may even be paving the way for a return to toxic ‘crunch’ practises. Senior leadership need to rethink their reckless decision making and engage with their staff to find an arrangement that works for everyone.’

Another said: ‘As usual, there has been zero consultation with us: the people who these policy changes most affect. Just one of my concerns is being forced to work late hours in the office to maintain contact with global teams when before we could log on from home to attend late meetings.

‘This will mean missing out on spending time with our families. I am also aware of colleagues who have health issues preventing full time office work who are now left in limbo.’

Austin Kelmore, game workers chair for the IWGB, explained that Rockstar workers involved in the union are pushing for transparency over pay, a healthy workplace culture and a flexible work life balance.

‘It is unacceptable that Rockstar leadership have gone back on their word time and time again and have ignored the workers’ requests for basic working conditions,’ Kelmore said.

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‘Workers across the industry are done with letting executives make reckless and harmful decisions and the Rockstar workers are showing us the start of what’s to come if they’re continually ignored. There’s no better time than now to join our union and push for this to be the healthy and sustainable games industry we know it can be.’

Rockstar has reportedly made various internal changes in recent years to veer away from its history of crunch, including restructuring entire departments and adding policies which allow workers to take time off if they work extra hours.

A potential reason for Rockstar’s push away from remote work might be to avoid another GTA 6 leak , after unfinished footage and screenshots appeared online back in 2022.

GameCentral has reached out to Rockstar for comment.

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